Zombiepowdersnow. is a short story about Gamma and his friends taking a break and go skiing. In the mangascans it is featured at the end of the last chapter and in the fourth volume it is between Chapter 24 and 25.


Gamma Snow

Gamma's snow costume.

Wolfina and Elwood arrive at Mt. Sheraderapurata (Viz) or Silvdera Plateau (scans). While Wolfina comments on the name of the mountain, Sheraderapurata = Silver Mountain, Elwood is dazed by his first experience with snow. Apparently it doesn't snow in Elwood's home town, Blue Note. Wolfina notices someone behind her and it is revealed to be Gamma. He looks unhappy because he says he doesn't feel right in this cold weather and he thinks this is a waste of time. Wolfina invites him to go skiing, but Gamma refuses. Wolfina then draws the conclusion that he can't ski. Gamma is angered and challenges Wolfina. At that time, Smith comes skiing down from the mountain very fast.
Gamma kicks over snowman

Gamma kicks Elwood's snowman.

Seeing how much better Smith is at skiing than him, Gamma falls to the ground. Elwood comments on that saying Gamma is showing to everyone what a pathetic loser he is. He continues saying that Gamma just can't stand not being the best at everything. Gamma is irritated and kicks over Elwood's snowman. Elwood is angry and Gamma says he's acting like a little child. Elwood fires the comment right back at him and Gamma challenges Elwood.

As it is starting to snow, we see Wolfina serving a little snowman and a birthday-candle to Emilio. She wishes him a happy seventeenth birthday. Back to Elwood and Gamma, their contest has come to an end. Elwood built a smooth snowman while Gamma's is ugly and poorly constructed. Smith is the judge and Elwood wins.


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